LG’s 77-inch Wallpaper TV is selling for the low, low price of $20k

To be fair, you’re getting incredible visuals on a colossal screen about one-fifth of an inch thick that is wall-mountable (and only wall-mountable — sorry, stand fans) via magnets. It doesn’t even have space for ports: Those are on a companion sound bar, which connects to the TV by thin cable. Given those limitations (and the jaw-dropping price), the screen supports 4K Ultra HD resolution and all major HDR formats. You could lower your ambitions for the 65-inch W-series model, which only costs $8,000, but how much are you willing to sacrifice for your perfect home theater experience?

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Astronomers capture best picture yet of the star in Orion’s armpit

While scientists knew that Betelgeuse’s surface wasn’t uniform, this high-resolution photo reveals that its inner temperature isn’t, either. These temperature fluctuations on the star’s surface resemble those happening on our sun’s, a similarity more stunning due to the differences between the solar bodies: Betelgeuse is 1400 times larger, meaning if it sat at the center of our solar system, its edges would almost reach Jupiter.

The high-resolution photo might also tell us about the gigantic star’s future as it continues to mysteriously lose mass. Astronomer and author of a paper accompanying the image recently published in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Iain McDonald of the University of Manchester, told Gizmodo that Betelgeuse’s eventual supernova will produce different elements depending on whether it explodes sooner or later. The image will likely give more clues on when that might happen — but also how elemental production factors in to the universe’s creation.

“We want to understand how the process [of element production] works in stars that are long gone,” McDonald told Gizmodo, “since it’s those stars that let us know how the elements we’re made of were made.”

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Microsoft wants OneNote to be the go-to classroom app

New updates, new features, new STICKERS! Check out all the latest from #OneNote: https://t.co/TGmQboVOj8 #edtech pic.twitter.com/f4yTQGkEEA

— OneNote Education (@OneNoteEDU) June 26, 2017

The update includes improvements for both teachers and students. OneNote Class Notebook will now connect with even more learning module systems (LMS), including Edsby, Schoology, and Skooler, with better integration with the respective assignment and grading tools. The Learning Tools add-in now has improved Syllables for English and has added four new languages: French, German, Italian and Spanish. The team has also rolled out a new Researcher tool, available for Office 365 subscribers as well as Word on Windows and Mac. Students and teachers can also save a copy of their notebooks to their personal OneDrive to make it easier to move schools or classes. Stickers can make OneNote a lot more fun, and OneNote now has two new packs, called Silly Supplies and Cacti Friends.

Ultimately, all of these functional and cosmetic improvements will help both kids and teachers in their digital classrooms. It’s hard not to also see it as a way to create a whole generation of future adults who see OneNote as an indispensable part of their lives, which is a great way to compete with the other options out there like Evernote and Bear.

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Airbnb tests payment-splitting feature so you don’t get stiffed

In April, Airbnb also began testing a flexible payment option, allowing customers to pay a portion of the reservation amount up front and the rest a little later. Other recent changes include a new search tool that pulls up listings suitable for business travel and a photographic guide feature to clarify the check-in process.

According to The Next Web, split payments has been one of Airbnb’s most requested features. While it’s only available in select places now, the company plans to expand the feature to more listings later this year.

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FCC may fine robocall spammer $120 million for illegal spoofing

According to an FCC press release, the scammer, Adrian Abramovich of Miami, is in trouble for allegedly making 96 million illegally-spoofed robocalls across a three-month period to see timeshares. The fine is based on the 80,000 spoofed calls the FCC has been able to verify. It was TripAdvisor that started the investigation as the travel company began to get complaints about robocalls originating from the scammer back in 2016. A medical paging provider, Spōk, also complained to the FCC about similar calls that were also traced back to Abramovich.

Apparently, the scammer used a technique called “neighbor spoofing.” The caller ID of such calls matches the area code and the first three digits of the recipient’s phone number, which is more likely to be answered than calls that simply match the area code. This goes against The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009, which prohibits spoofing to “cause harm, defraud, or wrongfully obtain anything of value,” according to the FCC. So far, Abramovich has only been given a citation, which warns the violator that if the practices continue, they may be subject to additional fines.

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Spotify test rents playlist slots to music labels

You could see a wider rollout if the test is successful, Spotify says. Logically, paying subscribers wouldn’t have to worry about invading songs.

As our TC colleagues note, the approach will sound familiar: it’s basically a more transparent, modern-day take on radio payola, where labels paid DJs to play songs that otherwise wouldn’t get airtime. It likely wouldn’t face the legal issues that payola did (the sponsored music is explicitly labeled and optional), but it’d still have the same effect of propping up music that you might not seek out on your own.

Spotify has plenty of reasons to adopt Sponsored Songs in spite of the potential backlash. Although it’s getting better at racking up paid subscribers, most of its customers (90 million out of 140 million) are free listeners. There’s only so much money Spotify can make by running ads every few tracks, and pay-for-play might help Spotify turn an elusive profit. Also, this could give Spotify more sway over labels. Want to guarantee that your song hits the top 40? Be prepared to pay up or cut a better royalty deal. While labels might leap at the opportunity, they could wind up in Spotify’s pocket.

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Apple Music’s next exclusive is a Clive Davis documentary

Apple Music’s next documentary focuses on music industry legend Clive Davis. Last night at the annual Tribeca Film Festival, it was announced that Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives would be exclusive to Apple’s music-streaming service. That report comes via Deadline. While Davis’ name might be unfamiliar, his influence has been felt throughout the music industry for some 50 years. Davis is responsible for signing Bruce Springsteen; Carlos Santana (above); Earth, Wind & Fire and Alicia Keys in addition to cofounding Sean “Puffy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records among many, many other accomplishments. For more on his career, be sure to check out New York Times‘ recent interview with Davis.

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Android’s new filters will help you purge unused apps

Updates themselves are better. It now takes just one tap to update a specific app where you previously had to visit each app’s store page to upgrade. That’s more than a little helpful if you’re pressed for time. You can also refresh the updates section to look for fresh apps instead of having to relaunch the app, and it’s easier to quickly install apps from your library. And did we mention that the app listings themselves are much more compact, so you won’t have to scroll quite so much?

This isn’t a perfect update. It’s no longer possible to easily mass-install library apps, so you may have a harder time bringing back all your apps on a new phone. From a first glance, though, it looks as if Google has made a number of small Play Store updates that could make a very practical impact on your day-to-day use.

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Live from F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference!

It’s time once again for F8, Facebook’s annual gathering of developers from around the world, and it’s a little special this year. That’s because this is the 10th anniversary of the event, so we’re expecting a look back at just how far Facebook has come over the past decade, along with hints of what’s to come. That means in addition to details about the company’s core product and its various messaging and photo-sharing apps, we also expect Facebook to make some teasers. We’re talking VR, 360 video, live streaming and perhaps some mysterious new item we’ve yet to even hear about. To read about our expectations, click here. But if you want to read the real deal, you best come back to this page at 10pm PT or 1pm ET for our liveblog of F8 2017’s opening-day keynote.

Click here to catch up on the latest news from F8 2017!

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Internet Archive puts all TV news since 2009 online, helps you stay classy

Wish you could spend your evenings and weekends reliving the halcyon days of broadcast news? You should head on over to the Internet Archive. Founder Brewster Kahle has collected TV news from 20 major channels since 2009, and is making them available online from today. The archive stretches from the 24-hour CNN through to The Daily Show — with whole episodes available to rent for a fee of $50 per disc. Kahle’s planning to add additional years in reverse chronological order at least back to 2002, since that’s when closed captioning (which the system uses to catalog the footage) was introduced. Unless, of course, we all fancy transcribing an hour or two of Channel 4 News circa 1975 to help out.

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