You won’t need cable to watch the Premier League next season

In addition to the 130 matches, NBC Sports says subscribers will have access to highlights, weekend reviews as well as pre- and post-season rundowns. There’s more though, as the $50 service also offers original content from the network, including Behind the Badge, The Men In Blazers Show and Premier League Download.

All in all, it’s been a great day for footie fans, what with the news that the Champions League is coming to Facebook. And although you can’t get NBC’s Premier League Pass just yet, because clubs are still in full offseason mode, you can sign up here to be one of the first to know once the service is live. In the meantime, you can reminisce the fact that Arsenal didn’t even manage to get a top-four spot last season. Hashtag Wenger out.

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AMD and NVIDIA go after Bitcoin miners with new video cards

The two boards use special dual ball bearing fans that are smoother-running and more dust-resistant. You won’t have to worry so much about your card dying after running 24/7 for months on end. ASUS isn’t making any further optimization claims about the RX 470 variant (the tuner software is the same as for its regular cards), but it claims that the P106 is up to 36 percent faster than an unoptimized card at churning through cryptocurrency hashes.

Neither AMD nor NVIDIA is confirming the cards, including whether or not companies beyond ASUS will be selling mining-optimized models. A CNBC source is backing the existence of the NVIDIA board, though, and AMD would be a logical fit when it recently credited the “resurgent” digital currency market for a jump in GPU sales. And there’s clearly a strong incentive for the companies to hop aboard the mining bandwagon. It gives them a customer base full of frequent upgraders, of course, but it also reduces the chances that avid miners will cut into GPU shipments intended for gamers.

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Apple buys a company making eye-tracking glasses

The glasses in question can follow your gaze in real time for all kinds of practical applications, such as improving athletic performance (by training athletes to focus on the right areas) or figuring out which store displays catch a shopper’s attention. In VR, you can use the eye tracking to either control the interface or minimize motion sickness.

Apple is reportedly testing augmented reality glasses, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched to see the company use SensoMotoric’s work in its own hardware. Don’t be sure that this will result in a tangible product, though. It’s easy to see Apple improving augmented reality on iOS devices by using the front camera to see what you’re staring at. Just don’t count on VR uses — while Apple is embracing VR support, it’s more interested in AR as of late. Whatever happens, the deal holds a lot of potential.

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Bug-zapping laser will only kill bad insects

Using cameras and other optics, the Photonic Fence scans for pests within 100 metres, looking at each bug’s “form, velocity, acceleration and wing-beat frequency.” When a target has been recognized as being from the kill list, the Fence will shoot it with the laser, and the insect will be dead within 25 milliseconds. According to the company, the device can kill up to 20 insects per second, and can cover areas of up to 30 metres wide and 3 metres high — creating the so-called Fence in its name.

It’s not yet clear when the trial began nor when the results are expected, although the test was slated to start this summer. There’s still a ways to go before the Photonic Fence becomes available to individual farmers (nor corporations), not to mention us regular folks who want a good bug zapper for our balconies or porches. Still, pending the test results, it shouldn’t be too long before we can keep our plants and living areas safe from harmful pests.

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Privacy-minded Firefox Focus browser comes to Android

The main differences come down to features inherent to Android itself. You can set Firefox Focus as the default browser, for one thing. And if you switch to another app, you’ll get a reminder notification that lets you erase your history without skipping a beat. Is there a rush to embrace this if you’ve already found a privacy solution on Android? Probably not. It’s certainly easier than managing add-ons, though, and Focus’ extreme minimalism (it’s not much more than a browser window) might be appealing even if you’re not that concerned about advertisers.

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What’s on TV: ‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Fargo’ and ‘Silicon Valley’ finales

Blu-ray & Games & Streaming

  • Life (4K)
  • The Big O: Complete Collection
  • Joe Versus the Volcano
  • The Naked Gun: Trilogy collection
  • Lawnmower Man
  • Car Wash
  • Marseille Trilogy (Criterion)
  • A Million Ways to Die
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (PS4, PC)
  • Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court (PC)
  • Dungeon Defenders II (Xbox One, PS4)
  • MXGP3 (PS4, Xbox One)
  • Dead Rising 4 – Super Ultra Dead Mini Golf DLC (Xbox One, PC)
  • Nex Machina (PS4, PC)
  • Dead By Daylight (Xbox One, PS4)
  • Cave Story (Switch)
  • God Wars: Future Past (PS4)
  • Mighty No.9 (Xbox 360)
  • Broken Age (Xbox One)
  • Get Even (PS4, PC)
  • Micro Machines World Series (PS4, Xbox One)
  • Chess Ultra (Xbox One)


  • American Ninja Warrior, NBC, 8PM
  • So You Think You Can Dance?, Fox, 8PM
  • Shadowhunters, Freeform, 8PM
  • Superhuman, Fox, 9PM
  • Women Who Kill, A&E, 9PM
  • Stitchers, Freeform, 9PM
  • Whose Line is it Anyway?, CW, 9PM
  • The Twins, Freeform, 9PM
  • Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, NBC, 10PM
  • #Murder, TV One, 10PM
  • Better Call Saul (season finale), AMC, 10PM
  • American Dad, TBS, 10PM
  • Better Call Saul: Talking Saul, AMC, 11PM
  • The Therapist, Viceland, 10PM
  • Desus & Mero, Viceland, 11PM


  • Casual, Hulu, 3AM
  • Amar Akbar & Tony, Netflix, 3AM
  • Rory Scovel Tries Stand-up for the First Time, Netflix, 3AM
  • America’s Got Talent, NBC, 8PM
  • Downward Dog, ABC, 8PM
  • Pretty Little Liars, Freeform, 8PM
  • WWE Smackdown, USA, 8PM
  • Animal Kingdom, TNT, 9PM
  • The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros, MTV, 9PM
  • Famous in Love, Freeform, 9PM
  • Deadliest Catch, Discovery, 9PM
  • iZombie, CW, 9PM
  • Switched at Birth, Freeform, 9PM
  • Face Off, Syfy, 9PM
  • Queen Sugar (season premiere), OWN, 10PM
  • Wrecked (season premiere), TBS, 10PM
  • Fear Factor, MTV, 10PM
  • Tosh.0, Comedy Central, 10PM
  • World of Dance, NBC, 10PM
  • Team Ninja Warrior, USA, 10PM
  • The Jim Jefferies Show, Comedy Central, 10:30PM
  • Desus and Mero, Viceland, 11PM


  • Little Big Shots (series premiere), NBC, 8PM
  • Straight/Curve, Epix, 8PM
  • Dirty Dancing, ABC, 8PM
  • Kingdom, DirecTV Audience, 8PM
  • Big Star Little Star, USA, 9PM
  • The F Word with Gordon Ramsey, Fox, 9PM
  • The Magicians, Syfy, 9PM
  • Major Crimes, TNT, 9PM
  • Queen Sugar, Own, 10PM
  • Fargo (season finale), FX, 10PM
  • Blood Drive, Syfy, 10PM
  • To Tell the Truth (summer premiere), ABC, 10PM
  • Lip Sync Battle (season premiere), Spike TV, 10PM
  • The Ultimate Fighter, FS1, 10PM
  • Nobodies (season finale), TV Land, 10PM
  • Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, TBS, 10:30PM
  • Bong Appetit (season finale), Viceland, 10:30PM
  • Desus & Mero, Viceland, 11PM
  • The New Classroom, Viceland, 12AM


  • NBA Draft 2017, ESPN, 7PM
  • Beat Shazam, Fox, 8PM
  • Boy Band (series premiere), ABC, 8PM
  • Hollywood Game Night (season premiere), NBC, 8PM
  • The Wall (season premiere), NBC, 9PM
  • The Tunnel, PBS, 9PM
  • Love Connection, Fox, 9PM
  • King of the Road, Viceland, 9PM
  • The Mist (series premiere), Spike TV, 10PM
  • The Night Shift (season premiere), NBC, 10PM
  • The Gong Show (series premiere), ABC, 10PM
  • Queen of the South, USA, 10PM
  • Party Legends, Viceland, 10PM
  • American Boyband, Viceland, 10:30PM
  • Comedy Knockout, TruTV, 11PM
  • Desus & Mero, Viceland, 11PM


  • GLOW (S1), Netflix, 3AM
  • Free Rein (S1), Netflix, 3AM
  • Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press, Netflix, 3AM
  • You Get Me, Netflix, 3AM
  • Vice, HBO, 7:30PM
  • Dark Matter, Syfy, 8PM
  • The Originals (season finale), CW, 8PM
  • Wynonna Earp, Syfy, 10PM
  • Tanked, Animal Planet, 10PM
  • Playing House (season premiere), USA, 11PM


  • Nitro Circus, NBC, 8PM
  • Doctor Who, BBC America, 9PM
  • Turn, AMC, 9PM
  • In an Instant, ABC, 9PM
  • Orphan Black, BBC America, 10PM


  • F1 Azerbaijan GP, NBC Sports Network, 9AM
  • Sunday Night Baseball, ESPN, 8PM
  • 2017 BET Awards, 8PM
  • Celebrity Family Feud, ABC, 8PM
  • Bob’s Burgers, Fox, 8:30PM
  • Power (season premiere), Starz, 9PM
  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (season finale), CNN, 9PM
  • Claws, TNT, 9PM
  • Grantchester, PBS, 9PM
  • American Grit, Fox, 9PM
  • Fear the Walking Dead, AMC, 9PM
  • Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, ABC, 9PM
  • Twin Peaks, Showtime, 9PM
  • Preacher (season premiere), AMC, 10PM
  • $100,000 Pyramid, ABC, 10PM
  • Naked & Afraid XL, Discovery, 10PM
  • Unsung, TV One, 10PM
  • Silicon Valley (season finale), HBO, 10PM
  • United Shades of America (season finale), CNN, 10PM
  • Prime Suspect (series premiere), PBS, 10PM
  • Veep, HBO, 10:30PM
  • Kevin Hart Presents, Comedy Central, 11PM
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, HBO, 11PM
  • Legends of Chamberlain Heights, Comedy Central, 11:30PM

(All times listed are ET)

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You can wake up Microsoft’s Surface Studio by talking to it

Waking up your PC from sleep is as easy as tapping the touchscreen, moving the mouse or pressing a button on the keyboard — but if you have a Microsoft Surface Studio, it just got even easier. Thanks to a new audio driver update, Studio owners can now wake their machine by simply calling out for Microsoft’s digital assistant. As long as you have the Windows 10 Creator Update and the latest patch, all you have to do is say the assistant’s keywords: “Hey Cortana.”

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Facebook’s new cameras bring live-action video closer to VR

The x24 is so named because it has 24 cameras; the x6, meanwhile, has — you guessed it — six cameras. While the x24 looks like a giant beach ball with many eyes, the x6 is shaped more like a tennis ball, which makes for a less intimidating look. Both are designed for professional content creators, but the x6 is obviously meant to be a smaller, lighter and cheaper version.

Both the x24 and the x6 are part of the Surround 360 family. And, as with version one (which is now called the Surround 360 Open Edition), Facebook doesn’t plan on selling the cameras themselves. Instead, Facebook plans to license the x24 and x6 designs to a “select group of commercial partners.” Still, the versions you see in the images here were prototyped in Facebook’s on-site hardware lab (cunningly called Area 404) using off-the-shelf components. The x24 was made in partnership with FLIR, a company mostly known for its thermal imaging cameras, while the x6 prototype was made entirely in-house.

Facebook's new cameras bring live-action video closer to VR

But before we get into all of that, let’s talk a little bit about what sets these cameras apart from normal 360 ones. With a traditional fixed camera, you see the world through its fixed lens. So if you’re viewing this content (also known as stereoscopic 360) in a VR headset and you decide to move around, the world stays still as you move, which is not what it would look like in the real world. This makes the experience pretty uncomfortable and takes you out of the scene. It becomes less immersive.

With content that’s shot with six degrees of freedom, however, this is no longer an issue. You can move your head to a position where the camera never was, and still view the world as if you were actually there. Move your head from side to side, forwards and backwards, and the camera is smart enough to reconstruct what the view looks like from different angles. All of this is due to some special software that Facebook has created, along with the carefully designed pattern of the cameras. According to Brian Cabral, Facebook’s Engineering Director, it’s an “optimal pattern” to get as much information as possible.

I had the opportunity to have a look at a couple of different videos shot with the x24 at Facebook’s headquarters (Using the Oculus Rift, of course). One was of a scene shot in the California Academy of Sciences, specifically at the underwater tunnel in the Steinhart Aquarium. I was surprised to see that the view of the camera would follow my own as I tilted my head from left to right and even when I crouched down on the floor. I could even step to the side and look “through” where the camera was, as if it wasn’t there at all. If the video was shot through a traditional 360 camera, it’s likely that I would see the camera tripod if I looked down. But with the x24, I just saw the floor, as if I was a disembodied ghost floating around.

Another wonderful thing about videos shot with six degrees of freedom is that each pixel has depth. Each pixel is literally in 3D. This a breakthrough for VR content creators, and opens up a world of possibilities in visual effects editing. This means that you can add 3D effects to live action footage, a feat that usually would have required a green screen.

Facebook's new cameras bring live-action video closer to VR

I saw this demonstrated in the other video, which was of a scene shot on the roof of one of Facebook’s buildings. Facebook along with Otoy, a Los Angeles-based cloud rendering company, were able to actually add effects to the scene. Examples include floating butterflies, which wafted around when I swiped at them with a Touch controller. They also did a visual trick where I could step “outside” of the scene and encapsulate the entire video in a snow globe. All of this is possible because of the layers of depth that the footage provides.

That’s not to say there weren’t bugs. The video footage I saw had shimmering around the edges, which Cabral said is basically a flaw in the software that they’re working to fix. Plus, the camera is unable to see what’s behind people, so there’s a tiny bit of streaking along the edges.

Still, there’s lots of potential with this kind of content. “This is a new kind of media in video and immersive experiences,” said Eric Cheng, Facebook’s head of Immersive Media, who was previously the Director of Photography at Lytro. “Six degrees of freedom has traditionally been done in gaming and VR, but not in live action.” Cheng says that many content creators have told him that they’ve been waiting for a way to bridge live action into these “volumetric editing experiences.”

Facebook's new cameras bring live-action video closer to VR

Indeed, that’s partly why Facebook is partnering with a lot of post-production companies like Adobe, Foundry and Otoy in order to develop an editing workflow with these cameras. “Think of these cameras as content acquisition tools for content creators,” said Cheng.

But what about other cameras, like Lytro’s Immerge for example? “There’s a large continuum of these things,” said Cabral. “Lytro sits at the very very high-end.” It’s also not nearly as portable as both the x24 and x6, which are both designed for a much more flexible and nimble approach to VR capture.

As for when cameras like these will make their way down to the consumer level, well, Facebook says that will come in future generations. “That’s the long arc of where we’re going with this,” said CTO Mike Schroepfer.

“Our goal is simple: We want more people producing awesome, immersive 360 and 3D content,” said Schroepfer. “We want to bring people up the immersion curve. We want to be developing the gold standard and say this is where we’re shooting for.”

Click here to catch up on the latest news from F8 2017!

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Get these all-weather bluetooth headphones for half off

These earbuds deliver crystal-clear, balanced sound thanks to their comfortable in-ear design. They get 7 hours of playback on a single charge, and a complete recharge in just 2. Most importantly, their flexible silicone ear hooks make sure they comfortably stay in place while you’re on a hike, a bike, or stuck on a crowded morning train.

For high-quality wireless audio that won’t melt from sweat or rain, the ARMOR-X GO-X3 headphones are a solid bet. Get a pair today for just $29.99, half off their retail price.

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Netflix expects to sign up its 100 millionth subscriber this weekend

The company also shed light on its growing plans for movie production. By Netflix’s measure, flicks like Adam Sandler’s movies and The Siege of Jadotville were successes, while Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon:
Sword of Destiny
was not. As usual, it did not release any numbers, but said its formula for success is if a movie “will attract and delight members at better economics relative to licensing movies under traditional windowing.”


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