Voting machine supplier exposes 1.8 million voter records

After the firm found the data, the copy was secured and last Saturday, state and local authorities were notified. Once ES&S was alerted to the situation, the files were secured and the server they were found on was shut down. The company says that an investigation is ongoing and that the files, which contained names, addresses, dates of birth, partial Social Security numbers and some driver’s license and state ID numbers, did not include ballot information or vote totals. ES&S also said that the files had no impact on registration records or election results and weren’t connected to Chicago’s voting systems.

Other data leaks discovered by UpGuard include one from political strategy company Deep Root Analytics that exposed data from almost 200 million people, one from Nice systems that released data from 14 million Verizon customers and a leak from defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton that exposed classified intelligence data.

In a statement, ES&S said, “The company is in the process of reviewing all procedures and protocols, including those of its vendors, to ensure all data and systems are secure and prevent similar situations from occurring.” UpGuard is assisting with the investigation.

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Steam Link puts PC games on Samsung smart TVs

In addition to the app’s launch, Steam has also officially announced that Link is compatible with Xbox 360 wired and wireless, Xbox One wired and Logitech F510/F710 controllers in addition to its own gamepad. Testers were actually able to use those controllers with the app during the beta period, which is why Steam knows rumble on Xbox controllers causes a lag spike. The Link team is trying to find a way to fix that and will likely include it in future update, along with any other patches and new features.

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FaceApp changes your race with its latest selfie-editing filters

There has been some outrage over the new filters, with some Twitter users calling it “digital blackface.” This isn’t the first time photographic filters have come under fire, of course. Snapchat’s 420 Bob Marley filter came under fire for the same lack of racial sensitivity, while its “anime-inspired” lens felt downright racist. FaceApp itself has already faced criticism when it released a “hot” filter that basically just made people look more “white.”

The app developer doesn’t feel that the new filters are specifically racist, however. “The ethnicity change filters have been designed to be equal in all aspects,” Yaroslav Goncharov, the app’s CEO and creator, told Engadget in an email. “They don’t have any positive or negative connotations associated with them. They are even represented by the same icon. In addition to that, the list of those filters is shuffled for every photo, so each user sees them in a different order.”

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Nintendo’s Switch news channel is giving away free ‘Zelda’ food

Power up your Switch and you should see the latest update to the news channel. It essentially tells players how they can feed meat or fruit to specific animals in Zelda‘s open world. Pretty straightforward thus far, right? The neat trick, however, is that when you tap the clickable link at the end of the update, you’ll spawn in-game with three pieces of food. These tend to be split between basic meat and apples. Of course, be sure to have the game in your system, otherwise it won’t work. It also seems like you can keep grabbing the items to your heart’s content. Unless, Nintendo decides to disable the link when the next update drops.

It may read like a gimmick to get you checking game promos for now, but it could be worth keeping an eye on. Especially if Nintendo keeps dishing out free stuff. For example, players would be pretty chuffed if the Splatoon 2 channel started dropping free swag. If you’re looking to populate your feed with more updates, just hit the news icon from the Switch home screen, and select find channels. Then, scroll through the list and start following the ones you like.

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‘The Dog Whisperer’ curated an audiobook collection for your pup

Audible for Dogs is designed for anxious pets that don’t like being left at home alone; Millan’s Dog Psychology Center reports that audiobooks are much more effective in relaxing dogs and reducing their stress than music. The idea is pet owners will leave one of these audiobooks playing when they leave for work in the morning; whether in a crate or roaming the house, supposedly these audiobooks will calm dogs and help them feel less alone.

You can start with the free Cesar Millan’s Guide to Audiobooks for Dogs, because apparently this whole program is complicated enough to require an entirely separate audio guide. The rest of the titles are handpicked by Millan and include a video introduction from the man himself detailing why exactly these books are good for dogs. Titles include Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (these two definitely need an explanation because I’m not seeing the dog connection), The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein and A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron.

This isn’t a completely separate program; subscribers to Audible will be able to purchase these audiobooks, and anyone can access Millan’s videos for free on the website. It’s not clear what would prevent people from just buying regular, non-dog-selected audiobooks and playing them for Fido, but hey, I am not here to judge what you buy for your pet.

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The military can shoot down drones that fly over bases

Problem is, you’d think it’s simple enough to avoid military bases, but it’s not always clear who owns the air space. As Military Times points out, the Pentagon sometimes leases lands from local farmers to build installations. If your drone accidentally wanders over those lands, will the military still have the right to shoot it down? Further, a lot of farmers now use drones to check on their livestock and crops. If their UAV hovers over the patch of land the military is leasing, is it also in danger of being seized or destroyed?

Since the full policy is classified, we might never know the answer to those. Davis said, however, that the military will deal with each drone differently based “upon the specific circumstances,” so bases might not always shoot down or seize every machine that crosses their territory.

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HBO hackers return with exec emails and a ransom demand

The leaked emails belong to an as-yet unidentified HBO exec. Their contents have not been divulged. However, the mere fact that the hackers have correspondence belonging to HBO’s management is a worrying sign for the video service. The entire debacle is increasingly starting to resemble the infamous Sony Pictures hack from 2014, which proved very embarrassing for the studio. More recently, the motive for the Netflix breach in April was also extortion.

Earlier this week, HBO revealed that thousands of internal documents had been stolen. The update followed the leak of episodes from a bunch of shows, including Ballers, Insecure and Room 104, as well as two from Bill Hader’s upcoming comedy series Barry. Then, just days later, the fourth part of GoT’s latest season was dumped online ahead of its intended release. However, that leak was not thought to be related to the HBO hack.

As of writing, it’s unclear who has their hands on the latest HBO materials. Therefore, it could just be a matter of time before the documents end up on the web. They also reportedly include financial balance sheets, employment agreements, and marketing-strategy PDFs. And, of course, GoT fans should stay alert for potential spoilers circulating online.

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What’s on TV: ‘The Carmichael Show’ and ‘Orphan Black’ finales

Blu-ray & Games & Streaming

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (VOD)
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (4K, 3D)
  • Fargo (20th Anniversary Edition)
  • Teen Wolf (Collector’s Edition)
  • Teen Wolf Too
  • Snatched
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
  • The Dinner
  • Blindspot (S2)
  • 2017 NBA Champions: Golden State Warriors
  • Bowfinger
  • The Breaking Point (Criterion)
  • For the Love of the Game
  • EdTV
  • Problem Child
  • Graceful Explosion Machine (PS4, PC)
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (PS4, Xbox One)
  • Blackhole: Complete Edition (Xbox One, PS4)
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (PS4, PC)
  • Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series – Episode 1 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Cat Quest (PC)
  • Icey (PS4)
  • Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars (PS4)
  • LawBreakers (PC, PS4)
  • Sine Mora EX (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
  • Masquerada: Songs and Shadows (PS4, Xbox One)
  • Neon Drive (PS4)
  • Neptune Flux (PS VR)
  • Ironcast (Switch)
  • Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne (PC)
  • Phantom Trigger (PC, Switch)
  • Law Mower (PC)
  • Sudden Strike 4 (PC)
  • Jump, Step, Step (Xbox One)
  • Armello Deluxe Edition (PS4)


  • Deuces, BET, 7:55 PM
  • American Ninja Warrior, NBC, 8 PM
  • So You Think You Can Dance, Fox, 8 PM
  • WWE Raw, USA, 8 PM
  • Preacher, AMC, 9 PM
  • Will, TNT, 9 PM
  • Stitchers, Freeform, 9 PM
  • CBSN: On Assignment, CBS, 10 PM
  • Carspotting, Discovery, 10 PM
  • American Dad, TBS, 10 PM
  • Midnight, Texas, NBC, 10 PM
  • American Greed, CNBC, 10 PM
  • Siesta Key, MTV, 10 PM
  • Desus & Mero, Viceland, 11 PM


  • Difficult People (season premiere), Hulu, 3 AM
  • WWE Smackdown, USA, 8 PM
  • America’s Got Talent, NBC, 8 PM
  • The Fosters, Freeform, 8 PM
  • The Challenge MTV, 9 PM
  • Animal Kingdom, TNT, 9 PM
  • The Bold Type, Freeform, 9 PM
  • Face Off, Syfy, 9 PM
  • Fantomworks, Velocity, 9 PM
  • Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (season premiere), HBO, 10PM
  • Somewhere Between, ABC, 10 PM
  • Shooter, USA, 10 PM
  • American Ripper, History, 10 PM
  • Fear Factor, MTV, 10 PM
  • Adam Ruins Everything, TruTV, 10 PM
  • The Profit, CNBC, 10 PM
  • Tosh.0, Comedy Central, 10 PM
  • World of Dance (season finale), NBC, 10 PM
  • Wrecked, TBS, 10:30 PM
  • The Therapist (season premiere), Viceland, 10:30 PM
  • The Jim Jefferies Show, Comedy Central, 10:30 PM
  • Desus & Mero, Viceland, 11 PM


  • Big Brother, CBS, 8 PM
  • Lucha Underground, El Rey, 8 PM
  • Suits, USA, 9 PM
  • Salvation, CBS, 9 PM
  • Hood Adjacent with James Davis, Comedy Central, 9 PM
  • The Carmichael Show (series finale), NBC, 10 & 10:30 PM
  • Sinner, USA, 10 PM
  • I’m Sorry, TruTV, 10 PM
  • Snowfall FX, 10 PM
  • The Auto Firm with Alex Vega, Velocity, 10 PM
  • Blood Drive, Syfy, 10 PM
  • Younger, TV Land, 10 PM
  • Broadchurch, BBC America, 10 PM
  • Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, TBS, 10:30 PM
  • Desus & Mero, Viceland, 11 PM


  • Penn & Teller: Fool Us, CW, 8 PM
  • Boy Band, ABC, 8 PM
  • Beat Shazam, Fox, 8 PM
  • The Wall, NBC, 8 PM
  • The Story of Diana Pt 2, ABC, 9 PM
  • Whose Line is it Anyway, CW, 9 PM
  • Big Brother, CBS, 9 PM
  • Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Summer Edition, NBC, 9 PM
  • Zoo, CBS, 10 PM
  • The Mist, Spike TV, 10 PM
  • The Night Shift, NBC, 10 PM
  • Queen of the South, USA, 10 PM
  • The Guest Book, TBS, 10:30 PM
  • What Would Diplo Do?, Viceland, 10 PM
  • Nuts + Bolts, Viceland, 10:30 PM
  • The Chris Gethard Show, TruTV, 11 PM
  • Desus & Mero, Viceland, 11 PM


  • Atypical (S1), Netflix, 3 AM
  • Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh (S3), Netflix, 3 AM
  • Naked, Netflix, 3 AM
  • White Gold, Netflix, 3 AM
  • True & the Rainbow Kingdom (S1), Netflix, 3 AM
  • Killjoys, Syfy, 8 PM
  • Masters of Illusion, CW, 8 PM
  • Dark Matter, Syfy, 9 PM
  • ELeague: Road to the Internationa Dota 2 Championships, TBS, 10 PM
  • Son of Sam: The Killer Speaks, CBS, 10 PM
  • All Access: Mayweather vs. McGregor, Showtime 10 PM
  • Wynonna Earp, Syfy, 10 PM
  • Room 104, HBO, 11:30 PM


  • Doubt (series finale), CBS, 8 & 9 PM
  • Turn (series finale), AMC, 9 PM
  • Orphan Black (series finale), BBC America, 10 PM


  • Twin Peaks, Showtime, 8 PM
  • Teen Choice Awards 2017, Fox, 8 PM
  • Teen Wolf, MTV, 8 PM
  • Top Gear America, BBC America, 8 PM
  • Big Brother, CBS, 8 PM
  • Sunday Night Baseball, ESPN, 8 PM
  • Ray Donovan, Starz, 9 PM
  • Game of Thrones, HBO, 9 PM
  • Candy Crush, CBS, 9 PM
  • Power, Starz, 9 PM
  • Claws (season finale), TNT, 9PM
  • The Nineties, CNN, 9 PM
  • Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, ABC, 9 PM
  • Get Shorty (series premiere), Epix, 10 PM
  • Ballers, HBO, 10 PM
  • $100,000 Pyramid, ABC, 10 PM
  • The Strain, FX, 10 PM
  • The History of Comedy (season finale), CNN, 10 PM
  • I’m Dying Up Here (season finale), Showtime, 10 PM
  • Unsung (season finale), TV One, 10 PM
  • Insecure, HBO, 10:30 PM
  • Talking with Chris Hardwick, AMC, 11 PM
  • Legends of Chamberlain Heights, Comedy Central, 11:30 PM
  • Rick & Morty, Cartoon Network, 11:30 PM

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LG’s V30 flagship leaks in hands-on footage

User RandyAzarga’s library of uploaded content is empty now, but it reportedly had a video featuring the phone, as did a now-absent video from user Mcgannfamily. The phone in question looks a lot like a marriage of the V20 and LG’s G6 phone, especially the latter’s glossy back (RIP to the V20’s removable backplate and battery). While there wasn’t much doubt that LG was referring to the upcoming V30 when it teased a next-gen large OLED phone, the leaked photos support that theory.

LG's V30 flagship leaks in hands-on footage

But if this is the V30, then it’s missing a notable feature from its V20 predecessor: A secondary thin screen atop the main display. We didn’t find much use for the touch-sensitive strip when we reviewed LG’s late-2016 flagship phone, so it wouldn’t be a great loss.

For the record, HitRecord and LG partnered up in August 2016 before the V20’s release with plans to showcase photos shot with the then-new smartphone. This followed HitRecord’s first pair-up with the phone company the year before: Fans (and Gordon-Levitt himself) put together a short film shot entirely on LG V10 smartphones.

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New computer models could direct scientists to epic cosmic events

The visualizations — carried out by a team of researchers at Berkeley Lab — show an ejection of radioactive matter during the fusion. Although black holes can swallow neutron stars whole, sometimes the process releases the exotic matter packed inside the formerly giant stars. This can include gold, platinum, and a range of radioactive elements (estimated to range up to about one-tenth of the mass of the sun). Unleashed into space, this matter then mutates into a kind of radioactive waste, the glow from which can be seen from more than a hundred million light years away.

The resulting observable glimmer, known as a “kilonova,” is the so-called needle in a haystack for astronomers. Separate simulations also show the first milliseconds (thousandths of a second) in the merger, and the disk of material that forms rapidly after it.

The new computer models are intended to help astronomers hone in on the gravitational wave signals the mergers produce. Telescopes, too, can seek out the bursts of gamma-rays emitted by them. All with a little guidance, of course. “With improved models, we are better able to tell the observers exactly which flashes of light are the signals they are looking for,” said Daniel Kasen, a scientist in the Nuclear Science Division at Berkeley Lab. “This could also allow us to observe events that we have not even imagined,” he said.

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